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Welcome to the world of Kersten Techniek

Who we work for

Are you a real estate owner and you want to switch to alternative heat and cold generation for your property? Are you a sustainable heat and cold supplier for offices and homes? Are you a project developer of new and existing buildings or a large installer?

We would like to know what challenge you face. If you are looking for a technical partner with the necessary knowledge, experience and certificates for energy transition, you have come to the right place.

Together we can make a difference.

Technical craftmanship with a retail character

Why is it we aim to look further and thrive at locations where installation works may not impede the day to day business activities? Through many years of experience with large retail projects in busy city centers we understand the impact that work has on the people who work and live in those buildings and areas. We also know what these environments means for our work. We know to take into account permits, busy peak times and strict safety standards.

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